Protect your family, property, and staff with ArmorPass

ArmorPass is the smart security solution for the education, business and residential sectors. With the App you can easily and securely manage the entry and exit of visitors and staff with our unique QR code, protect your community with ArmorPass!


ArmorPass Features


Fast and efficient guest check-in and check-out management.


Ability to convene one or more visitors with ease.


QR code authentication to ensure security.

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ArmorPass is a comprehensive access management solution for residential and commercial properties.

It allows access control, arrival notifications, verification of authorized persons and temporary access, enhancing security, privacy and convenience.

It includes real-time chat options, receipt of important memos and notifications, resident surveys and uploading of maintenance payment vouchers. Benefits both owners and residents in residential environments.


ArmorPass is a secure and efficient system for collecting children from schools. It generates a unique QR code that authorized persons can scan, logging each pickup for security purposes. It provides a reliable tool for schools to manage logistics and security during pickups.


ArmorPass offers a comprehensive solution for access and security management in corporate environments. The system registers the arrival of visitors and vendors, and notifies the designated host via a unique QR code. Hosts can verify the identity of guests by scanning the code with a mobile device. Custom QR codes can also be generated for events, limiting access to authorized individuals.

Access Control with QR

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