As a system for picking up children from schools, ArmorPass could work as follows

If you are a parent or guardian looking for a reliable security application to ensure the safe pickup of your child from school, ArmorPass could be the solution you need. The app offers a unique QR code generation system that provides secure identification of those authorized to pick up your child. Once the code is generated and shared with the authorized person, they can show it to the school staff at pick-up time.

The code is scanned to verify its authenticity, and the authorized person can pick up the child if the scan is correct. In case of any problems, the school security staff can contact the parents or guardians directly to confirm this. The system tracks each pick-up or entry, ensuring the safety of each child. Overall, ArmorPass offers a reliable and effective solution to ensure the safety of children during school pick-ups.

Parents or guardians

The parents or legal guardians of the children provide in the Mobile ArmorPass application the details of the person authorized to pick up the child, this will generate a unique QR Code that can be used only 1 time or for the preferred time of the parents.

Mobile Application

Parents would receive in the Mobile Application a unique personalized QR code that will be used to identify the person who is authorized to pick up the child that can be used only 1 time or for the preferred time of the parents.

QR Code

When it is time for pickup, the authorized person shows the QR code to the authorized personnel and it will be scanned and accept or reject the pickup. These QR codes can be scanned using mobile or tablet devices, allowing for quick and secure verification.

QR Verification

If the QR code is successfully verified, the authorized person will be able to pick up the child. If there are any problems or verification fails, school security personnel may contact the parent or legal guardian directly to confirm pick-up details.


To ensure the child’s safety, each pick-up or drop-off of each child will be recorded with the date, time, authorized person and Authorizing Parent or Guardian.

Overall, the ArmorPass system would allow parents or legal guardians to have confidence in the safety and efficiency of the pick-up process for their children, while schools would have a robust tool to manage the logistics and security of check-ins and pick-ups.